Arizona Motorcyclist PAC

As we look toward the 2020 Legislative Session and the 2020 Election Cycle, it is imperitive that we not only get solid legislation passed but that we elect candidates that would support our issues. With that said, we have set up a political action committee to be able to support like minded candidates who support motorcyclists and fight against those who wish to take our freedoms away.


Our simple strategy is this: 

327,000 motorcyclists in Arizona

Each motorcyclist contribute at least $1. 

That's all we are asking. Of course if you could contribute more, please do. 


Some of the initial issues AzMPAC will be focusing on are:

  • Lane Filtering
  • Road and Infrastructure Repairs (Fix the Potholes)
  • Tort Reform
  • Equal Access to public establishments (Stop the discrimination against motorcycle apparel)
  • Making sure motorcycle friendly legislators are elected to office


While the motorcycle rights lobbyists are doing all we can to get good legislation passed for Arizona motorcyclists, being able to have the financial resources of a PAC to fight with is extremly important. 


Will you contribute and be part of the effort today? 

If you have any questions, let us know. 

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